Our Values

Free To Build

Founded in 1907, Redhill School has honoured its “Free to Build” motto for over a century. Deeply rooted in our rich history while continuing to innovate and breathe new life into our Campus, the school finds its heartbeat in our core Vision, Mission and Values.

Vision & Mission

To be an international school, deeply rooted in our South African identity, preparing students to make a global impact.

Redhill strives to build a community in which students and educators are fully able to actualise their unique potential. We value the efforts of all those who use their talents and skills to achieve personal and collective excellence.

We achieve this through the following values.


Redhill values the recognition of and respect for the worth and dignity of others. Redhill’s care denotes: showing appreciation of, and consideration towards, people (including oneself), property (including ideas) and the environment.
Redhill values the passionate, perseverant, and tenacious undertaking by both students and educators of engagements, projects and tasks for others and for themselves. We encourage both responsible risk taking, as well as the capacity to manage adversity and plan for change.
Redhill values confidence in both its students and educators. This is because (genuine) confidence, predicated upon trust in oneself and others, enables both students and educators to speak out, explore, challenge and lead.
Redhill recognises the significant relationship between personal risk and personal growth. We value the development of mental and moral strength in both students and educators, enabling the containment of fear, the conquering of challenges, and the capacity to stand out and speak the truth.
Redhill values curiosity in both its students and educators because it is the most significant prerequisite for all active learning. Curiosity denotes a strong desire to know or learn and underpins creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

School Song

Redhill’s school song is at the forefront of all significant events at the school, and something our staff and students never forget!

As the eagle flyeth upward
Far above the bonds of earth
So the human heart is longing
From the moment of its birth
For the freedom that means power
Happiness and friendship true
And ‘tis this allied with learning
That Redhill gives to you.

To Redhill we’ll be loyal
Let our hearts and minds be filled
With the spirit and the challenge
Of our motto, “Free to Build”.

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