Our Sport Offering

Redhill’s academic rigour is indisputable, but our passion for sports has only grown stronger through the years.

 Redhill is considered a competitive sporting school with an impressive array of coaches who have honed their skills to perfection. At Redhill, extracurricular sports are an encouraged facet of a well-rounded education. We inspire our students to focus on their health and activity levels, while developing a set of sports-honed morals and values.

Sport Activities

In addition to collaboration, teamwork, leadership, integrity and fair play, honesty, and respect, our students acquire skills in their choice of sport, including:

Physical Education Programme

We are thrilled to offer our students enhanced opportunities to compete at a higher level, but we believe it is equally important to run a highly effective physical education programme for all students, whether or not they participate in competitive sport. This programme focuses on early assessment, constant evaluation, and accurate reporting.

High Performance

Water Polo
This state-of-the-art High-Performance Centre boasts a 25m swimming pool, introducing water polo as a school sport.
The facility also includes a fully equipped high-performance gym for increasing stamina, speed and strength for all sporting codes.
High Performance Coach
With all that the facility offers, Redhill has its own high-performance coach – who is also a high-performance coach to the Indoor and Outdoor South African Men’s hockey teams.

Our brand new, innovative High Performance Aquatic Centre comprises a state-of-the-art 25m x 25m 10-lane floodlit swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, offices for Redhill sports staff, showers and change-rooms, a yoga studio, and more. Our High Performance and Wellness Co-Ordinator runs the Centre and custom-designs conditioning programmes for the optimal physicality of our students.

Redhill Sports Festival

The Redhill Sports Festival is an annual highlight on our sporting calendar and sees some of Joburg’s most competitive schools participating in Rugby 7s, Netball, and Hockey over the course of the weekend. Taking place in June and broadcast on SuperSport Schools, this event brings together athletes, supporters, and enthusiasts to celebrate sportsmanship and skill. The festival provides a platform for these dedicated young athletes to showcase their abilities and teamwork while fostering a spirit of healthy competition.

Our Sports Facilities

Redhill’s academic rigour is indisputable, but our passion for sports has only grown stronger through the years.

Sporting facilities include the Outspan, Oval, Veldtuin, and Summit Fields, the Hockey Astro, basketball courts, tennis and netball courts, and the smaller “Learn To Swim” Pool.