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A microcosm of South Africa where we celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Redhill School embraces and celebrates diversity of race, religion, culture, sex/gender, and sexual orientation, while also providing a platform for students to learn from that rich diversity. Our Campus strives to be a space where students can feel completely at home while also being inspired to think critically, discover creative solutions, extend themselves more fully, fail forward, and uncover what it is that makes them truly unique.

Our Redhill educational ethos is one of growing WHOLE students who have been intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically nurtured by the extensive offerings we have on Campus. We encourage students to get involved in a widespread number of activities, not only to grow their skills and interests, but also to engage with like-minded students across the grades and develop friendships to last a lifetime.

Get Involved

Redhill has carefully curated a number of opportunities to extend education beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in at least one sport and one cultural activity after school, while also signing up for clubs and committees that align with their interests and passions.


Sport at Redhill is one of our core offerings, with a focus on discipline, skills development, teamwork, and good sportsmanship, as well as creating healthy habits that will outlast our students’ time at Redhill.

Arts & Culture

Redhill School continues to be recognised as a centre of cultural excellence. At Redhill School, every student has the opportunity to explore their creative potential.


RedRadio (our student-led radio station) and RMP Productions (our student-production studio) provides students with valuable skills training and real world experience right here on campus.

The Redhill Campus

The Campus That Never Sleeps

The Redhill campus is a warm, inclusive, and vibrant home-away-from-home where students can grow and thrive. While we are one of the leading independent schools in the country, our focus is not just on academic results. Our aim is also to provide a microcosm of South Africa in terms of race, religion, culture, gender, and sexuality where students can learn from and embrace each other’s diversity.

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