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Early Learning Centre

We are currently in the building phase of our new state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre scheduled for completion in 2024. Plans for this exciting space include extra-large classrooms with wonderful natural light; outdoor learning spaces that incorporate nature; a kitchen/science area for food preparation, cooking, and experimentation; a multipurpose hall; a Gross Motor Therapeutic Room; and a central piazza reception to display and document the children’s learning.

Current ELC Centre

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Bilingual Programme

Redhill is passionate about teaching students to communicate in a black African language. As such, each of our co-teachers in Grade 0 and Grade 1 are fully bilingual and teach the children both English and isiZulu.

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Redhill’s focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of students underpins all that we do. This is especially key in the pivotal Middle School years when our students require support on a number of levels.