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Specialist Lessons

Our dedicated specialist Literacy and Numeracy coordinators work within each class to support and extend students, build solid foundations before students move into Middle School, and continue to build curiosity and confidence in these key areas.

At our Junior School, our commitment to student support goes beyond academics, encompassing their individual needs during these pivotal years. Our specialist Literacy and Numeracy coordinators collaborate closely with each class, tailoring their guidance to challenge and nurture the unique academic growth of every child. This approach establishes robust foundations for their educational journey while fostering an authentic love for learning.

We also recognise the paramount importance of social and emotional well-being during this crucial phase. Our school provides a nurturing environment where students can freely express themselves, develop vital social skills, and build emotional resilience. By maintaining a balanced focus on academic excellence and holistic development, we empower each student to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, ensuring their individual journeys are both enriched and supported.

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Without Fear

Redhill strongly believes that there should be no formal homework or standardised testing during these foundational school years.


Students are encouraged to explore a variety of activities on campus, including Robotics, Marimbas, Chess, Pottery, Art, Choir and Maths Club, as well as the many sports and sporting academies on offer.