Gr.9 Service Committees

It is Redhill Middle School’s aim to grow the leaders of tomorrow. With this in mind, we aim to nurture leadership potential in every student. The Middle School offers leadership in Service Committees in Grade 9. These committees mimic the Senior School committees to ensure a mentorship from the senior grades to the Grade 9s.

The Ubuntu Committee assists the Senior School Committee to ensure that Redhill students live with the spirit of Ubuntu. They also work closely with the Centre for Dialogue and Conflict Resolution to create a means for students to learn about other cultures.


The Social and Civic Awareness Committee arranges discussions and assemblies for the students to understand our past and grow together from that. This committee also works closely with the Centre for Dialogue and Conflict Resolution to arrange talks and discussions to create awareness around our civic duties as responsible citizens.


The Spirit Committee works with the Grade 12 Spirit Master to ensure that the spirit in Redhill is alive and that students involve themselves in the school’s activities.


Leadership Committees:

The Arts and Culture Committee assists with all cultural and art activities on Campus. This ranges from assemblies to the Redhill Arts Festival.

The Environmental Committee assists the Senior School Committee with raising awareness of the environment. They also arrange river clean-ups and raise funds for associations that help keep the environment clean.

The Peer Support Committee is the main arm of the student mentor programme. This committee mentors the Grade 6s joining the Middle School to mentor them and guide them through the new journey.

The Interact Committee is part of the community arm of Redhill. Interact assists with drives to raise funds or awareness around the need for charity and community work.

Media in the Middle School focuses on the written media and produces an online newspaper once a term. These students also play an active role in the growth and development of media on Campus, with RedRadio and Redhill’s innovative new TV Station.

While we structure leadership around the Grade 9 year – as the senior year of Middle School – we do harness leadership from Grade 6, with the election of the Middle School Student Representative Council. Each class votes for their representative to sit on this council, led by a teacher and the Head of Student Wellbeing. This allows students to understand the concepts of representing their class for the greater good of the school.

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Why Have A Middle School?

The research is unanimous in laying out the very distinct and unique challenges that Middle School children face in these critical developmental years.


Redhill’s focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of students underpins all that we do. This is especially key in the pivotal Middle School years when our students require support on a number of levels.

Middle Years Programme

The Redhill Middle School has adopted the MYP (Middle Years Programme) to structure and inform the curriculum. As an IB World School, Redhill has already adopted the IBDP Programme in the Senior School.