Meet Our People

Management of Redhill School is structured in such a way as to make certain that the ethos of the school is upheld throughout all phases of learning. Redhill Management comprises a Board of Trustees (Redhill School Trust) and Executive Committee.

The Redhill
School Trust

Redhill School is “owned” by a Trust which consists entirely of parents. The Redhill School Trust is responsible for:

It is also the role of the Trust to appoint and review the Executive Head and, in line with policy, to delegate responsibility for the academic, operation and administration of the School to the Executive Head.

The Redhill Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management of the School in all its key areas of operation with a focus on policy development, planning and direction. Meet the team (and find their relevant email addresses below):

Joseph Gerassi

Executive Head

Marina Prozesky

Head of Senior School

Maheshwari Lall

Head of Middle School

Julia Dunn

Head of Junior School

Sue Pilkington-Williams

Head of Early Learning Centre

Galete Kirsch

Head of Operations

Shelli Nurcombe-Thorne

Head of Marketing and Communications

Shamiksha Boodhoo

Finance Manager

Mumsy Malinga

Head of Diversity and Inclusivity