Two-Year Grade 2 and 3 Bilingual Class

We believe that every South African should speak an African language, and there’s no shortage of evidence advocating the benefits of bilingual immersion on a cognitive, academic, and social level.

As such, in 2022, Redhill launched a specific two-year, opt-in bilingual class for students in Grades 2 and 3. This innovative programme offers students the unique opportunity to be educated in both isiZulu and English. Through this curriculum, students engage with isiZulu Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Studies primarily taught in isiZulu. Meanwhile, subjects like English, Music, Drama, Art, and IT are instructed in English. For Physical Education and mentorship periods, both languages are utilised, equipping students with the skills to confidently learn, speak, and write bilingually.

Two years into our journey with the bilingual programme, we are proud to share reflections on its impact. Hear from our Heads of School, bilingual teachers, parents, and students as they share their insights and experiences:

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Without Fear

Redhill strongly believes that there should be no formal homework or standardised testing during these foundational school years.


Students are encouraged to explore a variety of activities on campus, including Robotics, Marimbas, Chess, Pottery, Art, Choir and Maths Club, as well as the many sports and sporting academies on offer.


Our dedicated specialist Literacy and Numeracy coordinators work within each class to support and extend students, build solid foundations before students move into Middle School, and continue to build curiosity and confidence in these key areas.