Redhill ELC is inspired by Reggio Emilia, an educational experience in Early Years Learning where the child builds knowledge and constructs learning together with the teacher.

Why Reggio Emilia?

At Redhill, we foster an educational experience in Early Years Learning inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

The teachers are the partners and guides in the process of learning, and view the child as unique, capable, and full of potential. We honour the child’s thinking as a respected researcher and co-constructor of their knowledge. Play is the child’s language of learning and is rich in communication, interpretation, collaboration, and interaction while being expressed in multiple ways, in a Hundred Languages!

Children use a wide variety of materials to provoke experimentation and symbolic representation and to stimulate questioning and imagination. The learning environment acts as the third teacher and is constantly changing and evolving together with the children.

We tap into the children’s interests and guide them through short-term and long-term projects that are connected to the children’s meaningful and familiar experiences for deeper conceptual understanding related to their world.

The learning processes are documented and we invite parents to partner with us on their child’s journey.

Nothing is ordinary in the child’s eyes. They have an innate curiosity and a deep sense of wonder. If captured, we build a life-long love of learning!

100 languages of learning

Children are naturally equipped to explore and discover. Nothing is ordinary in the child’s eyes, and they have a deep sense of wonder and curiosity. Children are rich in potential and are encouraged to express this potential through the 100 languages of learning. The teachers tap into the child’s interests to deepen the children’s engagement and connection to their world.

2 year teacher strategy

The children follow a 2-year looping strategy whereby they remain with their teacher and class for two years. This process adds tremendous value in ensuring a smooth transition of learning from one year to the next and a solid understanding of the individual child’s learning profile.

Centre & Facilities

We are currently in the building phase of our new state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre scheduled for completion in 2024. Plans for this exciting space include classroom spaces with wonderful natural light connected to an atelier and outdoor learning spaces that incorporate nature; a kitchen/science area for food preparation, cooking, and experimentation; a multipurpose hall; a Gross Motor Therapeutic Room; and a central piazza reception to display and document the children’s learning.

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100 Languages of Learning

Redhill is passionate about teaching students to communicate in a black African language. As such, each of our co-teachers in Grade 0 and Grade 1 are fully bilingual and teach the children both English and isiZulu.

Co-Curricular & Extra Murals

Redhill’s focus on the social and emotional wellbeing of students underpins all that we do. This is especially key in the pivotal Middle School years when our students require support on a number of levels.