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Our Cultural Offering

Every Redhill student has access to an abundance of enriching, enjoyable cultural activities.

The benefits of participating in a varied programme are far-reaching. They are essential for equipping students with physical, social, and emotional skills. 

The programme at Redhill is a balance between specialised training for students who wish to attain a high level of skill with activities designed to develop interests and experience. Ambitious students are encouraged to make the most of the outstanding facilities to achieve a competitive edge. There are many performance and showcase opportunities throughout the calendar to share talent and artistic achievement.


Music, Culture & Arts

The plethora of artistic and creative talents visible on campus is as varied as our student body itself. Our students flock to music, choir, dramatic arts, and dance as swiftly as they are drawn to visual art, design, robotics, and coding. That is, when they’re not pursuing radio, film, public speaking, or debating.

There’s something for every child at Redhill School, where facilities include the Redhill School of Music, Auditorium, Art Room, Design & Technology Studio, Redhill Film Studio, and the RedRadio Station.

Redhill Media

Here, students learn to become broadcasting professionals. They also learn to lead in non-traditional ways; for instance, the Head of RedRadio is a leadership position at Redhill School.

Redhill Media
Redhill students are encouraged to tell powerful stories and these stories often find their way to RedRadio or the Redhill Film Studio.
RedRadio, produced “for the students by the students”, involves over 40 students who manage, produce, present, and run the station.

RedRadio broadcasts live, 24/7, allowing the Redhill community – students, staff, parents, and alumni – to tune in whenever they please.
Film Studio
Redhill School’s Film Studio provides green screen technology, letting students play with special effects.

Redhill School’s Film Studio is a haven for budding cinematographers and serves as a drama and theatre space for small performances.

It’s also a venue for live-streamed events and students are trained in becoming camera operators and sound technicians, thanks to our top-notch equipment and dedicated sound booth.

The Redhill
Music School

The Redhill Music School is housed in a state-of-the-art music centre with 12 individual practice rooms, a fully equipped recording studio, and a large performance venue (complete with a stage and customisable lighting to get a good look at those standing ovations).

The Music School is abuzz with students from across the campus attending music lessons, individual instrumental and vocal tuition, orchestra, jazz band, wind band, and choir rehearsals.

In addition to musical knowledge, including a strong focus on digital music production, Redhill musicians are able to develop their critical thinking, analytical, metacognitive, interpersonal, and self-regulation skills. We strongly believe that every child should play a musical instrument, with group lessons taking place within the academic school day from Grade 2.

Redhill Arts Festival

From its humble beginnings at Redhill High School in 2016, the Redhill Arts Festival has grown in size and reputation to become a celebration of the arts and premier gathering of the crème de la crème of the South African theatre community.