Executive Head's


Executive Head

Joseph Gerassi

My team and I are tireless in our aim of providing a world-class international education on our Proudly South African Campus, and to leaving a legacy for future generations of Redhillians to enjoy.

We are firm in our belief that achievement is not defined solely by an impressive academic performance but also in relation to the emotional and social well-being of our students.

Being part of our close-knit community instils in our young people a unique understanding of common mission, a sense of belonging, an understanding and acceptance of diversity in its many forms, and an empowering belief in self-worth. The results are consistently impressive academic, sporting and cultural performances that highlight our ability to deliver a quality holistic education, together with the mature, grounded, community-minded changemakers who graduate from the school each year.

We would love to meet you and explain more about what makes Redhill truly unique!

At Redhill School, our foremost priority is to educate tomorrow’s leaders, by infusing them with the life skills to master the challenges posed by an ever-changing world. We are both firmly grounded in our rich history which spans over 150 years, while also continuing to re-define education on every level.

Joseph Gerassi

Executive Head

Our Heads Of School

The Redhill Campus comprises four schools: Senior Schools (Grade 10 – 12), Middle School (Grades 6 – 9), Junior School (Grades 2 – 5) and Early Learning Centre (KG1 – Grade 1).

Marina Prozesky

Head of Senior School

Maheshwari Lall

Head of Middle School

Julia Dunn

Head of Junior School

Sue Pilkington-Williams

Head of Early Learning Centre

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