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The Redhill Campus is a vibrant, diverse and exciting home-away-from-home for students. We would love you to experience our unique offering during one of our weekly school tours!

Early Learning Centre
The first Tuesday of the month at 08:15. Maximum 10 attendees.

Junior School
The first Wednesday of the month at 08:30.

Middle and Senior School
The first Monday of the month at 08:30.

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Latest News

Redhill Announces Best-Ever Matric Results - 2023
I am delighted to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the exceptional Class of 2023, who have attained the best-ever Matric results in the history of our school...
Start By Starting
Miles Kubheka inspires Redhill’s future entrepreneurs. A passionate serial entrepreneur and changemaker on a mission to drive positive change in South Africa.
Reality Bites!
Looking Back at 2023’s Reality Bites Programme. What do you get when you take an entire grade, a couple of crazy ideas and three days?
raising resilient kids-thumbnail
Raising Resilient Kids
Our First Tuesdays talks prove as popular as ever with many parents attending educational psychologist, Naomi Holdt’s talk in June on the topic of raising resilient kids and teens in an upside- down world.