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Redhill School is an independent, co-educational, multi-faith school situated in Morningside, Johannesburg. Founded on a rich 108-year history and on the traditional values of academic excellence and diversity.  Redhill has been and continues to be a leader amongst IEB schools in South Africa.

We are proud to be recognised as a school that embraces the unique needs of pupils through a family-centred approach which aims to foster strong relationships between teachers, pupils and parents alike. This school/family partnership ensures positive educational and social outcomes for all pupils and contributes to the development of a warm and caring school community.

Redhill is a combined school consisting of three phases that operate in close cooperation with one another to deliver a consistent learning environment that is in alignment with our core mission. The synergy that has been created between each school allows pupils to transition through each stage of the learning cycle easily and enables continuous improvement at all levels.

Founded on a rich 108-year history and incorporating the traditional values of academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, Redhill is considered one of the top IEB schools in South Africa.

Redhill has all the strengths of a Pre-Prep, Prep and High School combined, with a wide array of outstanding resources and technological capabilities, while offering the kind of warm school community that ensures that every pupil is treated as an individual. Each of our schools and their departments bring together distinguished faculty members who share a common passion for helping pupils learn, grow and realise their true potential.

Our primary focus is on the development of well rounded students through social, cultural and academic learning. We also work hard to foster a close connection between pupils, parents and teachers to ensure positive outcomes that centre on not only academic achievement but also mental well-being.

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