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At Redhill Preparatory School, our caring ethos forms the backbone of our teaching and learning. Every pupil is given the opportunity to write their Redhill story in a brand new book each year. They are guided towards to knowledge that they are responsible for their own happiness and that they too play a major role in the happiness of all everyone around them. Once a term, our pupils are given the opportunity to complete a Wellness Survey, which is their opportunity to voice concerns that they may have. All information is treated as important and highly confidential.   A process of mediation ensues, involving the Head of Student Affairs, whereby all of their concerns are followed up on and treated individually and successfully, ensuring that pupils take responsibility for their actions and resolve their issues amicably.   We strongly encourage this process, as children are given the opportunity to grow as they are assisted in resolving conflict and armed with the knowledge of how to move forward.

In the middle of the year we launch our  “Stand-Up” campaign. During this time the pupils are informed about what bullying is as well as the different forms of bullying that exist. The children are encouraged to report any forms of bullying that they may have witnessed and all claims are investigated and treated as a matter of urgency. We support a zero bullying tolerance and in doing so listen to all pupils, understanding that the needs of each individual are unique and important to them.

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