Community Engagement

Redhill School places a marked emphasis on social responsibility throughout the school. Our Community Engagement Programme which is led by the Social Awareness Committee aims to promote awareness of and participation in initiatives that support the local community through involvement in various charitable events and other fundraising activities.

Social Awareness Activities

Some of the social awareness initiatives that took place include:

Valentine’s Day Sweet Treat

During the month of love, we give the Senior Citizens of the Jordan House a Valentine's Day treat.  The Redhill Community donates chocolates and the Grade 7 Social Awareness Team hands out close to 500 chocolates.

School for the Day

Every year, we host children from an impoverished school where they can enjoy our advanced facilities for a day and attend an inspiring speech by the Head of School, encouraging the pupils to rise above their circumstance and reach their full potential.

Cake and Candy Sale

Each grade hosts a Cake and Candy Sale of which the proceeds are donated to a welfare organisation of their choice. The following charities benefitted from this initiative:

Grade 5: Guide Dogs Association
Grade 4: Sandton SPCA and ‘The Good Sheppard Street Children’
Grade 3: All Nations Ministries (run by Mrs Eileen)
Grade 2: Book donations for the children of the School
Grade 1: Avril Elizabeth Home

Cultural Day

The Grade 6 pupils organise a Cultural Day event for which the funds raised are donated to ‘Children of Fire’, an organisation that takes care of children who suffer burn wounds from settlements that have caught fire or burned down.

Entrepreneurs Day

The Grade 7 pupils host an Entrepreneurs Day and the funds raised at the event are donated to PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships). This pro-life organisation is affiliated with ‘Friends of Rescued Animals’ whose main aim is to take care of and rescue animals that have experienced trauma in townships.

Recreation Evenings

Redhill Preparatory hosts four Recreation Evenings per annum.

Junior Primary Department: Johannesburg Child Welfare Organisation
Grade 7 Public Relations Committee: Care organisation for the blind
Grade 6 Pupils: Redhill Scholarship Fund
Grade 4 & 5 Pupils: The Good Sheppard Street Children

Mandela Day

On Mandela Day, the pupils of Redhill Preparatory are encouraged to perform Random Acts of Kindness in the spirit of Ubuntu and report back on how they ‘changed the lives’ of others. Some pupils set up soup kitchens on Rivonia Road while others chose to spend their pocket money on groceries for the less fortunate.

Frikkie Smidt School

Every year, we donate presents to our sister school, Frikkie Smidt School, which is located in Scheerpoort. Items donated include clothing, groceries, toys and books, which are given over a period of two weeks in support of less fortunate children. These children also benefit from a feeding scheme set up by Redhill. Very often, this meal is the only meal that the children of Frikkie Smidt School receive on a daily basis.

It is always such a pleasure to watch children from two very different walks of life interact in such a manner, where not even language could prove a barrier to providing support.

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