Being a student leader is quite a responsibility – one that can be both bewildering and exhilarating. The teachers at Redhill believe that the skills our pupils use and develop now, will remain, long after they leave school. Leadership skills such as facilitating, communicating, listening, planning, organizing, supporting, initiating, managing, confronting, presenting, and many more are commonly used by our student leaders within the various departments and these transferable skills will serve them well as they move into the next phase of their school career and beyond.

Our Leadership programme at Redhill Preparatory School is based on two philosophical components:

1. Leadership is FOR GIVING.

2. Leadership is FORGIVING.

Many young people see a leadership position as the chance to be in charge, to tell others what to do, to delegate work, and to put them in a position of authority. Nothing could be further from the truth. The essence of an effective

leader lies in the ability to serve others and to create success for the people in their department. Through the Department of Social Development,  Public Relations, Science and Technology, Environmental Affairs, Arts and Culture, Media and Communication and Sports and Recreation, our Grade Seven pupils are given the opportunity to give, contribute, to roll-up one’s sleeves and begin moving in a positive, forward direction. Whether it is straightening the chairs, putting the stands away, planting a vegetable garden at an underprivileged school, collecting and giving Christmas hampers to children who mostly survive on one meal a day if they lucky, planting trees at a rural school to ensure that the pupils have some shade during their breaks, hosting a recreation evening to collect money so that classrooms can be built at an outreach school or working with someone on a musical passage, our leaders are pupils who do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

Leadership Skills Through Extracurricular Activities:

We have seen that the participation in the co- curricular activities plays an important part in the development of  leadership skills. Part of leadership is the interaction between leader and follower. Coaches and players, directors and actors, band leaders and band members fall into the leader and follower relationship. Children will pick up the leadership skills shown to them by their own leaders. Through extracurricular activities, children learn how to be leaders and how to be part of a team.

The second aspect of our Leadership programme centres on the concept of forgiving. When something goes awry, many young leaders want to react to the situation by reprimanding the followers for their inability to fulfil the leader’s suggestion/s. However, through the Mentor system which we have in place, our pupils are taught the importance of forgiving the person involved and how to proactively refocus their energy to correct the problem and quickly get back on course.

Through our Leadership programme we aim to produce leaders who:

  • Are skilled in group dynamics
  • Can inspire others
  • Relate well to a wide variety of people
  • Are able to communicate well
  • Are able to lead groups in problem solving
  • Are able to structure goals and objectives for a group
  • Are able to evaluate group progress in achieving its goals
  • Encourage a group to pursue a goal

This Leadership programme therefore does not only involve Grade Seven pupils. In each class from Grade Four to Grade Seven, two pupils are elected through a democratic process by their fellow class members, to serve on the Student Forum. Here they are given a platform to air their concerns, debate issues and put forward their suggestions. Our Shadow Ministers from each department are also given the opportunity to report to the Student Forum on the progress of the various initiatives which their departments are planning. All grade levels participate in fun, interactive leadership lessons through music, role plays, group work and teambuilding exercises, whilst customizing their own leadership style.

This change in the focus of student leadership at Redhill Preparatory school is not an adoption or absorption of leadership but rather a change to develop our students to become good leaders in their own right.

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