As one of the top Preparatory Schools in South Africa, Redhill’s approach to education is holistic – focusing on the development of pupils emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically, providing an enriching experience and a stimulating environment, and allowing students to fully explore their abilities and talents as they progress from Grade 1 level through to Grade 7.

Our aim, as a school, is to develop the potential of all our pupils through our academic, sport, culture, leadership and community engagement offerings. Our Preparatory School seeks to provide an enlightened and stimulating environment. Our pupils are encouraged to think critically, and analytically; this empowers them, making them “Free to Build” to their potential across all areas of school life.

The creative use of technology has enabled our pupils and teachers to move beyond traditional classrooms, transforming education through innovative, unique ways of learning.


In the Classroom

Redhill Preparatory School comprises three terms, with three classes per grade. Classes are kept relatively small with a maximum of 26 pupils per class. Our classroom and other academic facilities are well-equipped, combining modern technology with traditional teaching practices for a more relevant and effective learning experience.

Our teachers are given the freedom to teach creatively and be innovative within the structure of the formal curriculum to help improve learning through a more hands-on and pupil-focused approach.

Beyond the Classroom

At Redhill, we believe that it is our responsibility as teachers to nurture the potential and abilities of the pupils we teach, which is why we strive to offer a curriculum that is as diverse as possible. In addition to the compulsory classroom activities, we also offer a wide range of co-curricular activities aimed at enabling pupils to develop their social, sporting and cultural abilities.

The Essence of Education at Redhill

As part of the traditional values that we define ourselves by, Redhill aims to encourage each pupil to be committed to and involved in their school life and all its spheres. We believe that privilege entails responsibility and pupils are encouraged, and provided with opportunities, to learn a community-minded approach to life. Our objective is to produce independent individuals who react unselfishly and gain as much reward from giving as from receiving.

It is a combination of all these factors that make for a successful learning experience wherein Redhill is a school that is pupil centric.


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