Wellbeing and Support Services

In order to support and enable children to reach their full potential, they may require support and intervention in certain learning areas. The following team of specialists is available in the Pre-Preparatory School to provide learning support.

Our specialist team includes:

  • In-house Psychologists offer Play Therapy
  • Barbara Solomon - Speech Therapist
  • Myrna Weinstein - Speech Therapist
  • Robyn Tacon and Nadia Cusack - Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy Practice

The therapists are Independent Service Providers and make use of Redhill facilities. Parents may make use of these therapists or choose to engage therapeutic support outside of the school day. Please note: Parents are under no obligation to make use of the therapists who use Redhill facilities. Communication, quality assurance, reporting and payment of the therapeutic services is between the parent and the Service Provider.


Play Therapy provides emotional support for both the child and the parents in a ‘playroom’ setting and has several benefits. It clarifies the emotional, social and behavioural challenges which a child may display or experience. The child and the parents are provided with knowledge, understanding and specific strategies to manage and build on the emotional wellbeing of the family and particularly the child.

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