Head of School's Welcome

Head of School's Welcome

As the children step into our learning environment, they find a delightful space to discover, to explore, to design, to experiment and to ask and answer questions. A space that fosters their active play, natural curiosity and their sense of wonderment! It is here that they begin their educational journey and build a knowledge base, skill set, and the lifelong values connected to meaningful learning. We focus on developing confident and intellectually inquisitive children, who are eager to discover their world, overcome challenges and adapt to any changes in their environment.  This is supported through the development of their independence which is an enormous contributor to success.  As a 21st Century School, we explore the educational trends to match the required needs of this new generation and the future skills of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Courage or emotional resilience are integrated into their learning. We look forward to a close relationship between home and school, encouraging parent participation in following their child’s progress. This is a partnership of learning that continues with the child throughout their school years and indeed life!

Sue Pilkington-Williams
Pre-Prep Head

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