Redhill Connect App

Redhill Connect makes use of the D6 Communicator App,  which can be downloaded and installed on multiple devices. In fact we encourage you to please install it on all your devices; PC\Mac, Tablet, Mobile.

The Redhill Connect App is an open application and therefore it does not require authentication. This application can be used by multiple stakeholders per family.

This is a push channel, information is delivered to a device of your choice. Its functionality is to Alert the recipient of important and/or urgent messages, through the delivery of a Pop-up message. This message is typically short, 125 characters, by nature.

It also provides silently published messages which contain a link to push you to information on the Redhill Connect Portal.

A quick glance calendar which is synchronised to the calendars under resources on the Redhill Connect Portal is also available.

The Redhill Connect App can be download from D6 Communicator website, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: From January 2019, the School will no longer be using the D6 Communicator.