Prep School - Culture events

On this page you will find all the Preparatory School Culture event notifications listed. If the list is blank, it means that nothing has been published as yet. Events can also be found in the respective school calendar, see here.

The Ridge Choir Festival 2018

07 Sep 2018 | Readership: 347

The Ridge School has invited the Redhill Senior Prep Choir to perform at their annual choir festival.

The Sound of Children

06 Sep 2018 | Readership: 624

We take great pleasure in informing you that the Junior Preparatory Choir has been invited to perform in The Ridge School’s Sound of Children Massed Choir Festival.

Magic of Music 2018

16 Jul 2018 | Readership: 348

Magic of Music Festival hosted by Grayston Preparatory School, at the Linder Auditorium on Thursday, 19 July 2018.

Marimba Teams to Perform at Assembly

21 Feb 2018 | Readership: 415

Performing in the Prep School Assembly at 7:30 on the 5th March 2018

Folk Dance Evening for Grade 3

21 Feb 2018 | Readership: 436

You are invited to join your child at the annual Grade 3 Folk Dance evening.

Senior Preparatory School Redhill Rocks

21 Feb 2018 | Readership: 744

Tickets on sale book now!

Sports & Cultural Information Evening | Grade 3 - 7

27 Jan 2018 | Readership: 415

All Grade 3 - 7 parents are invited, this is a gentle reminder of the event already published in our calendar.

Junior Choir Event

08 Nov 2017 | Readership: 434

The JUNIOR CHOIR members will be welcoming our new Grade 1 parents on Tuesday 14 November at 14:00 in the Auditorium.