Prep School - Mandela Day Sandwiches

17 Jul 2018 | Readership: 428

On Wednesday, 18 July 2018, Redhill Preparatory School will be celebrating Mandela Day.

Help us to help the Tomorrow Trust! | SleepOut™ 2018

14 Jul 2018 | Readership: 557

They’re our beneficiary for this year’s Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™.

We're Collecting Old Shoes for the Needy

30 Nov 2017 | Readership: 649

A number of children in South Africa grow up being barefooted, whether at play, doing chores or just getting around! Some children walk many kilometres barefoot to school, these children are at risk.

Grade Seven Leavers Legacy Programme

20 Nov 2017 | Readership: 661

As we are all aware, many children who attend under-resourced schools in impoverished communities come from rural areas and have to walk for hours every day just to get to school and back. When they arrive at school they are already tired, which naturally affects their scholastic performance.

Marimba Teams | Nelson Mandela Square Performances - 25 November 2017

09 Nov 2017 | Readership: 809

We have been honoured with an invitation to perform at the prestigious Nelson Mandela Square on Saturday 25 November, where we will be staged in front of the famous Madiba Statue. This will indeed be a huge opportunity to showcase our Redhill Marimba band to the masses that visit the square on a daily bases. We are hoping to add this event to our future calendars.

Follow the read more link below, we need parent consent forms to be signed for participating students.