It is with immense pride that I congratulate the Matric Class of 2017, as well as their dedicated and inspirational teachers, on achieving outstanding results in the 2017 IEB Examinations. This year, our Matrics achieved a new record for Redhill School, attaining an average of 3.1 distinctions per student and confirming our position as one of the top performing schools in South Africa.

Distinction Rate

Our students achieved 22 placements in the top 1% in a subject. These results clearly show that Redhill students rank amongst the top academics in the country.

Top 1a

25% of our students received 6 or more distinctions, a remarkable achievement, and one that demonstrates the depth of academic strength within this year’s cohort. These results are indicative of their work ethic and determination to succeed.


Outstanding Achievement

The following students achieved within the top 5% of students in 6 or more subjects, and scored 80% or higher for Life Orientation:

  • Ambroise Müller
  • Rohan Talesara



Redhill Subject Averages vs IEB National Subject Averages

A comparison of Redhill’s subject averages to the IEB’s national averages pleasingly reveals that, in most subjects, Redhill achieved well above the IEB averages. In 8 subjects, Redhill is in fact 10% higher than the IEB average. In 9 subjects, 50% of our students received distinctions.

Redhill IEB


I am extremely proud of all the students who made up the class of 2017. I will remember them for their determination, commitment, passion and fun-loving attitude that will forever leave a mark on the school. These young men and women have been successful in all they have done, whether it was on the sports field, on the stage or in the classroom. They have set the benchmark for future success and will leave our school as proud Redhillians, free to build, and ready to take on the world.

Josephs Signature 200px

Joseph Gerassi
Executive Head