Our Kindergarten One Celebration Day will be held on Friday 1st December.  This is going to be a wonderful, fun day of bubbles, water play and ice-cream cones. We are also going to ice Marie biscuits to make faces, which will be sent home so that your children do not have too much sugar at school.

Please could you child bring their costumes, towels and sunblock to school in a labelled plastic packet. The costume and towel also need to be labelled please.  Apply sunblock at home, and we will reapply throughout the morning.

This is a day to celebrate our wonderful year of togetherness in Kindergarten One, and it replaces Father Christmas. The celebration day will be funded by the R50 that you paid at the beginning of the year for a Father Christmas gift. The children will get a bottle of bubbles as a token take-home gift. We will purchase stationery for the Kgololo Academy in Alexandra with any left-over monies.

Please remember that school breaks up at 12pm on Friday 1 December, and that school closes for the year on Tuesday 5 December at 1pm. Reports will be issued on the last day, with notification of class placements for next year.

With thanks for your support throughout the year.

Responsible Teachers - Mersini, Lisa and Janine