Footloose, a phenomenal run of 9 shows – everyone a crowd pleasing sell out

Footloose, a phenomenal run of 9 shows – everyone a crowd pleasing sell out.  This is not just our opinion read the reviews from leaders in South Africa theatre.


Bryan Hill


 Bryan Hill, GM of the Teatro at Montecasino

Redhill School must surely be at the forefront of the local arts scene. Their current production of Footloose showcases an extraordinarily talented cast. I have not seen such committed and present characterisations in a school production… ever!  There are still performances next weekend, so if you have an interest in the future of arts in SA, check it out!




Bryan Schimmel

 Bryan Schimmel, famed South African Music Director, Arranger and Orchestrator

I attended Footloose for the second time in a week… Having never set foot on the campus before that, I was bowled over by Joseph Gerassi’s bold statement that at a time when most schools look to cut back on the arts budget, Redhill is increasing it. Watching the cast of Footloose at work, the loving attention provided by the arts faculty is clearly evidence because the performances and the overall quality of the show are way above what my expectations would be of a school production. I felt honoured to spend a few minutes speaking to the cast and felt immensely inspired by the love, the commitment and the joy that they are all clearly deriving from working on the production. While not all of them are seeing stars in their eyes and want to enter the entertainment industry, so many others recognize the value of the arts programme at Redhill as a critically important phase in teaching them values like tolerance, patience and acceptance, as well as, giving them a sense of belonging, self-worth and self-confidence – qualities that they would not necessarily have gained as quickly had they not been in this arts programme. I hope to come to Redhill and give some workshops and masterclasses at some stage. Well done to Mr Gerassi and Matt Counihan on an extraordinary achievement.


Once again Redhill’s High School major performance, is a hit!  We didn’t think it was possible to improve on last year’s incredible production of Hairspray but, in true Redhill style of continuous improvement, we have!  Congratulations to everyone involved you’ve truly outdone yourself and the Redhill community are looking forward to what 2019 may hold!

PS: The official cast photo album is available here.