Sue Pilkington WilliamsAfter an extensive and comprehensive search, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Sue Pilkington-Williams as Head of Redhill Pre-Preparatory School. Sue is currently the Principal of Crawford La Lucia Pre-Primary School and leads the Crawford Pre-Primary cluster group consisting of seven schools.

Sue is a highly motivated, strategic and creative thinker who is passionate about education and in particular, early childhood development. She earned a Higher Diploma in Junior Primary and Pre-Primary Education through Rhodes University and Natal College of Education. In 1995 she completed a B.A. Degree through Unisa majoring in Communication and Psychology. With a desire to broaden her knowledge and skillset, Sue completed a highly specialised course on Neuro Development through the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology in the United Kingdom.

Sue has 34 years of experience in the Pre-Primary School Phase both as an Educator and as a Principal. Her strengths include being open-minded, showing initiative, being an effective communicator as well as having the ability to reflect, evaluate and adapt. Sue has as a strong educational knowledge based on both the science and psychology of learning. She believes in collaboration and continual research into teaching methodologies through her understanding of what is required to educate young children in the 21st Century. She is driven by passion and excellence!

Sue’s educational philosophy reflects her belief that - Education is about listening, observing, experiencing, thinking and using past and present knowledge. Change has created a learning space for all. Together with the children and parents, as a collective community, we work towards developing a new generation. This generation will connect knowledge, skill application and thinking with a deep sense of responsibility and significance and will strive to create and achieve, ensuring a constructive and profound effect on all.

I am very excited by this appointment and look forward to welcoming Sue to the School at the start of the second term. Until then, Gail Dymond will continue to act as Principal and will work closely with Sue during the handover period.

Joseph Gerassi





Joseph Gerassi
Executive Head