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Welcome back to the third term! As teachers, we cherish this special time with our ‘big’ children before they move on to the exciting world of Kindergarten Two. They have all grown during the holidays and are delighted to be back with their friends at school.


Some points for your consideration:


Hats, sunscreen and shoes

Please make sure that your child has a clearly-labelled hat at school, which needs to stay at school for the rest of the term. We find that hats that go home sometimes, never return!

Please apply sunblock to your child each morning before school.

The children may come to school in flip-flops or with bare feet as the weather is warming up. PLEASE label their shoes, as often several children have the same Frozen/Cars/Paw Patrol flip flops in the same size.



These will be emailed to you or published on ADAM on the last day of school. You are welcome to come and see us at any time before then to discuss your child’s progress.


Class placements for 2019

Class placements are not randomly allocated, and we put a great deal of thought into them. We are not able to accommodate requests for your child to be in a specific class. If you have strong feelings about this, please make an appointment with Sue to discuss your concerns.

Details about your child’s new class will be included in their report at the end of the year. You may peruse the Class Placement Policy on the portal, here.




RedFest 2018

This is a wonderful celebration of the Arts, with live theatre and music performances (as well as fabulous food trucks) on campus. Redfest will be held from 28 to 30 September 2018, with some shows specifically for our little children. Find more information here.


Kindergarten One Sports Day

The Kindergarten One Sports Day will be held on 18 October 2018, from 08:30 to 09:30. This is an exciting, non-competitive morning for our children. At least one adult needs to be present for each child, as you participate in the races together. Should you be bringing younger siblings, you will need to have another adult to look after them, as you will be involved with your KG 1 child.

Traditionally, the Owl children wear blue or predominantly blue clothing, the Penguins wear green and the Kingfishers red. It is fun when the parents try to dress in the same colours.

This is also half-term break-up day, so you may wish to get an early start to your break and take your child home after the event.


We look forward to an exciting term, and thank you for your support.

Kindergarten One teachers