The contents of this site are intended for parents, students and staff of Redhill School.


Redhill Connect, our formal general messaging portal

Our Communication Playbook is available for download here, this playbook will assist you to Navigate the Redhill Connect Portal. 

Communication with our stakeholders occurs at two levels:

Personal information,

student/parent specific information such as report cards, assessments, personal information and invoice information.  This is held in our administration system which runs on the ADAM, the quick guide to ADAM is available here, platform, and

General information,

activities and schedules, news, interest surveys and day to day information regarding Campus life at Redhill.

Every effort is made to cater for our community's preferred method\s of receiving general messaging and it is for this reason we make use of four channels to disseminate information across the Redhillian Community. It is important to note that you do not have to receive information on all four platforms.

Our Community may elect to have messaging from our Redhill Connect platfom pushed to them, or you can elect to pull the information yourself from our Web Portal and Mobile App. If you would like to subscribe to messaging being pushed out to you via email kindly indicate this preference on ADAM here (Note: this link will transport you to secure area on ADAM, therefore you will have to enter your ADAM login credentials).


The four channels we use are:

Redhill Connect Portal,

which resides on the school's website; you are on the Portal now.

The portal is the primary repository for all general communiques. Information pushed to our stakeholders can be found here and consumed at your convenience or, if necessary, referred to later. Resources such as calendars and forms are also available on the portal. See the Resources menu item above, to see what is available.

Redhill Connect App,

which runs on the d6 platform and can reside on a device\s of your choice.

Redhill Connect makes use of the D6 Communicator App, which can be downloaded and installed on multiple devices. In fact we encourage you to please install it on all your devices; PC\Mac, Tablet, Mobile.

The Redhill Connect App is an open application and therefore it does not require authentication. This application can be used by multiple stakeholders per family.

This is a push channel, information is delivered to a device of your choice. Its functionality is to Alert the recipient of important and/or urgent messages, through the delivery of a Pop-up message. This message is typically short, 125 characters, by nature.

It also provides silently published messages which contain a link to push you to information on the Redhill Connect Portal.

A quick glance calendar which is synchronised to the calendars under resources on the Redhill Connect Portal is also available.

The Redhill Connect App can be download from D6 Communicator website, click here.


Redhill Connect bulk e-mailing facility which runs on the CommuniGate platform,

the CommuniGate system is a mandatory platform for at least one email address per family and optionally one can register additional email addresses on the system. It is used to keep all stakeholders, parents, teachers, staff and students at Redhill School informed of general notifications published on the Redhill Connect Portal. You’ll receive an email that will contain an introductory paragraph together with the relevant link to transport you to the Portal where you can consume the content published.

Social Media,

our social media channels are there to keep our stakeholders informed and allow them to be part of their children’s day-to-day school life.  The content is moderated, but we do encourage all our stakeholders to send ‘news’ to  We share posts from happenings across all the schools and create specific groups which focus on one activity.  To understand which social media platforms are used read more here.


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