Redhill Connect

This portal was designed so that you can ‘pull’ information that is relevant to you, in your own time.

There are five categories of information that we share with our Redhillian Community:

  1. Activities that occur on the Campus
  2. Feedback of progress on various commitments and initiatives undertaken
  3. Governance regarding the effective running of the Campus such as health and safety, compliance, and adherence to standards
  4. Inspirational News which builds the ethos and culture of Redhill
  5. Day-to-Day Notifications regarding change of activities, further information regarding an activity, or just a ‘heads up’ of something which may happen

The information is presented in a manner that allows you, the consumer, to filter information provided that is relevant and of interest to you.

Term 3 | Highlights


Activity Calendars

Our activity calendars for a given year are created and maintained in Google calendar. These calendars are updated as changes occur and are therefore the most reliable source regarding school activities.  Changes made in the calendars are reflected in the d6 communicator and are reflected at four-hourly intervals. Where necessary a d6 alert will be activated if the event occurs outside of the four-hourly interval. There are multiple calendars, in order to view any of these calendars click on the icons below. All activities per school can be found in the respective school calendar, there is one calendar per school and activities involving all schools can be found on the Campus calendar.


Term Planner

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Term Planner

Term Calendar - Click Here



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Term Calendar - Click Here

Tutorial Programme - Click Here



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State of Play - Sport at Redhill

In line with our communications strategy, a State of Play newsletter will be published monthly.

At the start of every month, there will be a campus notification which will give you an overall picture of the various sporting activities taking place on the campus as well as highlighting the success of our teams and of our individual sportsman and sportswomen.

Information regarding the weekly fixtures will be loaded onto our calendars, which can be accessed through this portal above.

  • State of Play | Prep School - Looking Ahead to the remainder of 2017, click here.
  • State of Play | High School - Looking Ahead to the remainder of 2017, click here.
  • To access the quick guide on using our Calendars, click here.

Information and Resources

Content is categorised into 5 sections, click on the folder icon below of the section you'd like to access:

Campus refers to information that is relevant across all the schools.
Examples – Term dates for the year, admission documents, Policies, Wellbeing (including tuckshop), indemnity forms and so on.

Each school has information that is relevant to the school and is categorised into Governance, Feedback, and notifications for Juniors (Gr1 – Gr3, Gr8 & Gr 9) and Seniors (Gr4 – Gr 7, Gr10 to Gr12) grades in the respective schools.

The grade notification comprises information regarding day trips, grade tours, packing lists and so on. Information regarding the 4 main disciplines: Academics, Performing Arts, Sport, Community Engagement are also available.

PTA provides insight into the members and the activities they undertake.

Redhill Connect on D6

Redhill Connect makes use of the D6 Communicator App, which can be downloaded and install on multiple devices. In Fact we encourage you to please install it on all your devices; PC\Mac, Tablet, Mobile.

This is the School's main 'push' mechanism.  The App pushes down up-to-date information to staff, parents and students, e.g. school policies, the latest news items, the full school calendar and a gallery of school events.  It is also our alert mechanism of choice backed up by sms and email on certain occasions.

The Redhill Connect App can be download from D6 Communicator Website, click here -

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