Music has a long and rich heritage at Redhill School, and to this day it remains a vibrant and dynamic part of the academic programme.

Students develop a love for music during their pre- and junior prep school years while following an Orff Schulwerk curriculum. Creativity and musicianship are developed in each student through the integration of music, movement, speech and drama. Confidence and personal expression are encouraged as students imitate, experiment and play music.

While in the senior prep, students have the opportunity to learn to play a variety of orchestral instruments. Expert teachers run weekly group classes, providing students with the opportunity to play Flute, Clarinet, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Violin, Viola, Cello and Guitar. In addition to these instrumental classes, senior prep students have regular class music lessons where they learn about the theory of music and explore music in history and society.

Redhill’s middle school (Gr 7, 8 and 9) music program focusses on developing the vocabulary and skills students will need in order to thoroughly assess and appreciate music. An emphasis on the development of 21st century competencies through musical investigation makes this subject highly valuable to all students, as they may apply the skills they gain here in all walks of life. Middle school music students work with a flipped classroom platform, allowing students with various levels of musical experience to engage with the theoretical content. In addition to the theoretical classes, students participate in regular ensemble classes where they are exposed to the benefits of group performance and collaboration.

Having gone through these three stages of musical education, students who elect to take music as one of their matric subjects are well prepared for the rigors of the subject. Class time is split into music theory, history and analysis, and performance lessons. The small size of the senior music classes allow students to receive individual attention and become active members of discussions and performance classes.

Redhill High School extracurricular music programme offers students many opportunities to perform as part of an ensemble. Ensembles offered by the Redhill Music Department include:

High School Marimba Band

High School Vocal Ensemble

High School Jazz Band

High School Chamber Orchestra