Dance at Redhill is blossoming with a number of our students specialising at external studios where they work tirelessly at perfecting their various disciplines.

Redhill hosts Dansation, the annual dance event.  Dansation was created as a platform for the students of Redhill to showcase their dancing talent to the community. The event takes place in a competition format with adjudicators judging the various performances and trophies awarded in different categories.

A new addition to the dance calendar is our participation in Dance Sports.  Dance Sports is a relatively new league that allows a freestyle “dance-off” between schools at a weekly competition.  Our dance crew get together regularly to train with their choreographer.  New moves and grooves are practised and perfected and shown off at the once a week meet.  This is aimed at any student that can move.

The introduction of the High School Musical allows for our dancers to show off their skills in the context of a Major Musical Production.  Students are exposed to award-winning choreographers who show them just where to put their feet.