Visual Art and Design

Visual Art and Design (often referred to as Visual Arts) is alive and thriving at Redhill School. Our Visual arts facilities include well-appointed studios that allow our students to ‘imaginate’ some of the most spectacular works. Our student’s creations rank among some of the best in the South Africa and, in some instances, the world. Classes are intimate, allowing for one-on-one care and attention. Our Visual Arts students feel free to create and dream in a space that is both structured, challenging and safe.  Take a walk around our beautiful campus and you will see some of the most spectacular designs and creations.  Visual Arts students are encouraged to enter many competitions and to exhibit their work as much as possible – giving them the platform for the much deserved recognition. Regular gallery and exhibitions outings are organised, expanding the references in the minds of our students.  The annual Design and Visual Art exhibitions are a highlight on our cultural calendar.