At Redhill School, our Sports Department offers a variety of opportunities to our students, with the aim of instilling a lifelong love of physical activity and to produce committed, confident and courageous young people.

We believe focussing on the process will eventually lead to the desired outcome. The manner in which we participate, the risks we take and the lessons we learn is more important than the result itself. Our Physical Education program is age-appropriate and assessment based. This approach advocates that the age and stage of a child’s development are taken into consideration in order to plan age-appropriate Physical Education lessons and sporting programs. We strive to create an environment which nurtures the talents of our students and match the standards of South Africa’s most outstanding co-educational schools.

We encourage mass participation, encouraging meaningful personal relationships, teamwork and commitment to causes beyond the pursuit and attainment of individual prestige. The following are a few objectives we strive to achieve:

  • Develop and nurture a deep sense of pride for Redhill School
  • Develop a sense of care by recognising and respecting the worth and dignity of others
  • Develop the correct values of sportsmanship, namely commitment, confidence and courage
  • Develop a sense of competition while being humble in victory and gracious in defeat
  • Improve physical literacy and physical education as an important part of our holistic approach to education
  • Use sport as an important tool in developing a healthy lifestyle

At Redhill School, we offer a variety of sporting opportunities to students of varying degrees of ability. Physical Education lessons are designed to improve physical literacy and improve our niche sports, namely Cricket, Swimming, Netball and Hockey. We are fortunate to be able to host schools from across the country on a regular basis for fixtures and festivals as our facilities are world class. Our students have access to the campus facilities, including an AstroTurf, an indoor facility, sports fields, tennis courts and a swimming pool.