AP Maths

The Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths) curriculum extends and enhances our students’ knowledge of Mathematics, sharpens their problem solving ability and greatly facilitates the transition to the demands of university, whether in South Africa or overseas. The AP Maths curriculum has been tried and tested by most South African private schools since 2008 and has proved highly successful in preparing students for the huge jump from school to first year university courses in mathematics. It is now also being offered by many State schools as an optional subject.

 AP Maths is ONLY offered as an eighth subject and at Redhill is taught concurrently with core mathematics and after normal school hours. As one of the main aims of the course is to develop intellectual and academic independence, there are no extra lessons offered for AP Maths; instead, assistance is offered in typical university type tutorial sessions where students make appointments with their teacher to discuss difficulties they are experiencing.

The Grade 10 AP Maths curriculum includes an introduction to the topics Calculus and Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Modelling and Financial Mathematics, and Matrices and Graph Theory. In Grades 11 and 12, Calculus and Algebra are compulsory topics and one of the other topics is continued (the choice of which is made by the school).