AP English

AP (Advanced Programme) English has been offered at Redhill School (in Grades 11 and 12), to extend those students who are fascinated by the intricacies of language, critical thinking, creative collaboration and energetic enquiry.  Developing rigour in thinking, finesse in argument and nuanced understanding of character, theme, plot and text are all skills that are built into this innovative programme. Developing skills that are invaluable in life (and at university) is a useful by-product.

We will focus on philosophical enquiry and critical thinking – Who is the messenger?  Who is speaking?  Who is being heard?  Whose voice has been silenced? We will become habitual questioners, rather than focussing on pre-decided answers. Grappling with abstract ideas will enable us to develop conceptual reasoning. Engagement, on a deep and intellectual level, is the main focus of AP English. 

We look forward to challenging young thinkers to become literate in the broadest sense of the word: through play text, poetry and prose, through image, conversation and thought-wrangling. Students will be challenged to make links and leaps of logic.  They will be invited to challenge the status quo and to look more deeply at the layered meaning of words and how they are used to position the listener or reader.  They will become aware of how communication, in its myriad forms, is designed to influence and manipulate, to control and to direct. 

Whilst all applicants for AP English will be given the benefit of the doubt, there is an expectation of proficiency in general English reading and writing.  Independent reading is taken for granted and the ability to write with confidence to express ideas is encouraged.  It is helpful if the candidates are prepared to try ideas, make mistakes and to learn in the most diverse of ways.