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An enlightened, stimulating academic environment

Strategies for Thinking and Learning

Redhill High School's academic programme is designed to provide students with an enlightened, stimulating academic environment that exceeds traditional learning practices. Our teachers are given the freedom to teach creatively beyond the limitations of the formal syllabus, incorporating strategies for thinking and learning delivered through progressive methodologies and ideas.
Grade 8 and 9 students are introduced to Technology (Computer Skills) as well as Co-operative Learning. This forms part of the curriculum. Grades 10, 11 and 12 focus on preparing students for the internationally recognised IEB (Independent Examination Board) National Senior Certification Examination which places emphasis on the application of skills rather than rote learning. Most of the teachers at Redhill are involved in the IEB as part of its Curriculum Development Groups, as examiners, moderators or sub-examiners.

Grade 7 | Subject Choice Booklet

The purpose of this subject booklet is to give the student and their parents an understanding of the subjects taught in Grade 7, the way they are taught and also how they benefit the student.

Feel free to page through the booklet online or to download your own copy.

Redhill offers the following subjects

Compulsory Subjects - Grade 10

See full details in the Subject Choice booklet below.

Elective Subjects - Grade 10

See full details in the Subject Choice booklet below.

Subject Choice Booklet | Grade 10


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