Sport Scholarships

Redhill School is pleased to offer a limited number of Sport Scholarships to current, as well as prospective, students entering the High School in Grade 8 2019. Scholarships are awarded on the condition that the recipient will at all times honour the Vision, Mission Statement and Values of the School.

Sport Scholarship recipients are required to contribute to all sporting activities that the school undertakes. They are also expected to continue in their chosen area of expertise for the duration of the Scholarship and participate in the wide range of opportunities available at the School.

Scholarships may be granted to applicants who demonstrate outstanding sporting ability by meeting the following criteria (required of all applicants):

  • Applicants must have competed at provincial level, or the equivalent thereof, in a Redhill niche sport: Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Swimming and Tennis
  • Applicants must play at least one other sport offered at Redhill at A-team level
  • Applicants must present themselves as positive role models to fellow students in all sporting programs
  • Applicants must offer evidence of current (within the past two years) in-school and out of school sporting achievements. All achievements must be listed and documentary evidence must be uploaded with the application. For example a photocopy of certificates, citations and medals.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend an interview with the Executive Head, Head of High School and the Director of Sport. However, attending such an interview will not constitute an offer of a scholarship.


Scholarship Applications for 2019 are now closed. Please contact the Admissions department for more information.

Read more on our Enrolment Process here.