Care Centre Information

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The Care Centre provides afternoon care for children from Kindergarten One up to and including children in Grade 2.


Care Centre Staff

  • Mrs Lindy Truter - Supervisor of the Care Centre.
    • Any queries regarding fees or any other aspect of the centre must be directed to Lindy so that she can liaise with the Pre-Preparatory School staff or the Finance department.
  • Ms Nozipho Buthelezi – Care Centre Assistant
  • Ms Granny Molepo – Care Centre Assistant


Contact details

The Care Centre email address is /

The Care Centre cell phone number is 078 576 3120 – this number can be used in the afternoon or afterhours should parents wish to communicate with the Care Centre.

It is imperative that you inform Lindy about social arrangements or if your child will be absent.

The Pre-Preparatory Reception telephone number is 011 883 3443 and for the Preparatory School it is 011 783 6903. The Junior Preparatory School Reception is available until 16h00.



Please collect a Care Centre Registration Form from Megan or Lindy should you wish your child to make use of the Care Centre offering. We are unable to care for children without the necessary Registration Form.



The Care Centre is part of the Pre-Preparatory School. The children move from one area to another and make use of the Kindergarten Two and Grade 0 gardens, as well as the Secret Garden. The programme ensures that children who attend our Care Centre have the opportunity to spend the afternoon in a relaxed manner at play or engaged in age-appropriate activities supervised by our Care Centre staff.

  • Kindergarten One children remain in their garden until 13h30 and are then brought through to the Care Centre.
  • Kindergarten Two children go to the Secret Garden at 13h00.
  • Grade 0 children are brought through to the Care Centre at 13h30.
  • Grade 1 and 2 children are escorted to the Care Centre for their lunch, if required.
  • Supervised homework takes place between 14h00 and 15h00 every afternoon, except Friday. The homework is supervised in a classroom in the Junior Prep.
  • At 15h00 Gr 1 and 2 children are escorted to the Care Centre for supervised activities and free play.
  • The Pre-Preparatory School children take part in indoor organised craft and play activities between 14h00 and 15h00.


Operating times

The Care Centre offering is between 13h30 and 18h00 Monday to Friday.

Please note: The Care Centre will be open earlier on break-up days and will close at 13h30. The Care Centre will not be open on the final day of the academic year.


Late Collection

Late collection of children in the afternoons will incur a R40.00 fine for every 10 minutes after 18h00. This measure will be applied unless communication has been received to support late collection. Billing will be for the parent’s account.



A school lunch is provided by the service provider ‘Kiss the Cook. This option is at an extra cost and is not included as part of the general Care Centre fee. Parents may prefer to send a healthy packed lunch to school as an alternative to the school lunch option. An Afternoon snack is provided at 15h30. This consists of sandwiches and fruit of the season. The children are encouraged to drink water from the dispensers throughout the school day.


Extra Mural activities

For safety and organisational reasons an activity form will be sent regarding your child’s extra mural activities. The form must be completed and returned promptly to the Care Centre Supervisor. In this way we will be able to know when to expect your child at the Care Centre.


Pre-Prep School children

It is the responsibility of the Extra Mural Service providers to make sure that chidren under the care of the Care Centre are collected and brought back to the Care Centre. 


First Aid and Emergency Care

The Redhill School Nurse, Gaye Tacon, is available and on call until 16h00 every day. There is a fully equipped infirmary at the Nursery School. The school makes use of NETCARE 911 (082 911) as an emergency care provider.



The family school account will be debited with all Care Centre fees. Fees are subject to change on an annual basis.



  • Category A
    • Every day including lunch - R1711.00 per month
  • Category B
    • Every day without lunch - R1134.00 per month
  • Category C
    • Odd days to suit parents - R125.00 per day including lunch
  • Category D
    • Odd days to suit parents - R98.00 per day without lunch


Please inform Reception in the morning on arrival at school regarding the request for lunch on Category C on the days you'd like to make use of this service. The lunch menu is displayed on the Pre-Prep School notice board. For billing purposes, parents are requested to notify Megan by 9:00am if their child / children are absent and will not take up the lunch option for that day.


Please note:

  • Application to make use of this service must be made online by completing our online application form, scroll down to access the form.
  • Once your application is accepted you are required to sign our Indemnity Form, available pdf here (307 KB) .
  • Parents are kindly requested to inform Lindy in writing, email or sms should their child be absent or away for a day or for an extended period.
  • Communication in writing or via email is needed for any changes in category.
  • One month’s written notice is required if you withdraw your child from the Care Centre.

 Responsible Person - Lindy Truter, Supervisor of the Care Centre

Email -

Telephone - 011 783 4707