Wellbeing and Support Services

Redhill prides itself on the caring relationships that are built between students and teachers within its student wellbeing structure. Student Wellbeing is an attitude rather than a process. All of our staff take responsibility for the whole child whether that be through teaching or some other method of support. Attention is given to caring, both for the individual and for groups as a whole, in order to minimise any difficulties which might impair the successful academic, social and emotional development of our students.

Whilst student wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility in the school, we do have more formalised structures which recognise the particular needs of children. We have both teaching and support staff who take on the overall responsibility for student wellbeing structures.

These include the:

  • Grade and Mentor System
  • House System
  • Counselling Services; and
  • Academic support structures

It is our goal that each student feels a sense of belonging to the School Community and has the opportunity and support for emotional, social, and academic growth.