Visual and Performing Arts

Redhill School continues to be recognised as a centre of cultural excellence.  At Redhill School, every student has the opportunity to explore their creative potential through an array of exciting cultural experiences.  Redhill places a great emphasis on creativity both in and outside of the classroom.  Redhill fosters individuality and our Arts Programme provides the platform for students to engage their curiosity in a constructive and highly creative ways. 

Collaboration is a treasured practice and is a highly sort after, 21st Century skill.  Redhill is committed to a collaborative Arts Programme that allows for an inter-disciplinarian approach to learning and exploring our world.  Redhill School’s creative community is vast and highly networked with leading industry professionals; allowing our students to work with highly-respected practitioners. The Performing and Visual Arts encourages students to cross-pollinate and integrate their learning in all other aspects of their life.

Redhill offers an array of competitive and enrichment opportunities that allow for student expression and creative teamwork at both junior and senior levels. Students are encouraged to grow and expand on their individual creative potential.

Aside from the Creative Academic offerings (Music, Visual Art, Design and Drama); most of which are timetabled to every Redhill School student up to Gr. 9, Redhill School encourages additional participation in its extensive Arts Programme. This programme includes Drama, Public Speaking, Debating, various Music ensembles, Marimbas, Choir, Visual Art, Design and Dance.  We believe that every student should experience Redhill’s, Cultural Journey.

Redhill School’s cultural programme is a way of life, it’s a philosophy and practise that encourages creative freedom, absolute commitment and dedication to skills and crafts, curious exploration and collaboration. At Redhill we care about creativity, we encourage our students to push personal and external boundaries, we celebrate individuality and commit to nurturing the artistic essence innate in every student.