In current practice, ownership of a personal digital device and access to connectivity have become essential facilitators of a meaningful, forward-thinking education; in fact, the use of digital technology is at the very centre of a global revolution in educational methodologies.  In keeping with its vision and values, Redhill School seeks to embrace this transformative movement by encouraging and facilitating the appropriate use of digital technology on its campus.

By integrating the effective use of digital devices in curriculum delivery, the school is assured of producing students who embody its vision and values, i.e. independent, confident, thoughtful and responsible individuals who are capable of working collaboratively, whilst learning the essential 21st Century principles of creativity, critical thinking and adaptability to change.

In light of the above, all students in Grades 7 to 11 are required to bring digital devices to school; these will be used to support and enhance curriculum delivery and assimilation, e.g. learning activities such as content creation and presentation, formative assessments and exploring digital content (such as textbooks and online resources). Note that the majority of notes will be published digitally, in order to reduce paper wastage. On a more practical and personal level, students stand to become more adept in using calendars and diaries to their advantage.