STEM Education

STEM, or Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is not merely a list of important subjects, but rather a cross-disciplinary pedagogical integrative philosophy.

The STEM has gain traction in all of the top performing Western educational systems, such as Finland, Norway, Netherlands. The United States has wholehearted embraced and incorporated the philosophy as they attempt to prepare students for an uncertain and shifting work landscape.

The fasting growing skills shortage in history is being driven in part by an education system and the misguided thought that University Academic preparation is the sole purpose of a High School. While Universities are an important vocational step for many, even those who attend these institutions are seldom well prepared for the landscape that awaits them during and after training. Coincidentally, the fastest growing skill sector in the world is in STEM-related industries.

With this in mind, Redhill has boldly incorporated STEM as an integral part of its curriculum, specifically in Grades 7 and 8, but also as a guiding principal across the school. Management and staff at the school have decided to have dedicated time on the timetable that makes the space needed for STEM philosophy to take place through the means of Project-Based Learning. Redhill is proud to be one of the first schools in South Africa to take the step towards a truly World Class educational system in this manner.

Students are encouraged during this time to combined talents and resources from multiple sources, subjects and people to solve a real world problem. The guiding principle during planning is that work and solutions should have a real impact, as they do in the workplace.