While most people think of Robots as something from Sci-Fi and LEGO as a memory from childhood, LEGO Robotics has made its mark on Redhill’s STEM programme. 

Robotics has achieved so much throughout the school to children as young as 6 as a vehicle for adopting 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, strategic and logical problem-solving, collaboration and of course – coding, the language of the future.

Already, we have seen an improvement in the attitudes of younger learners and especially girls that want to consider careers in Information Technology and software development.

Robotics is no longer seen as the reserve of a quiet few that are “into it”, but is now a way for young problem solvers to get involved in a rapidly expanding field. Robotics and automation are changing the world of work in ways never before imagined and the skills learnt in the Future Focus Centre may well change the career paths of young Redhillians.