Community Engagement

At Redhill School, we believe that it should be every student’s goal to make and leave a lasting impression on their society and on the world. Learning to give back to one’s community is an important step in the positive development of young people. With the right community engagement opportunities, our students can become active participants in helping solve societal problems and perhaps world issues.

Learning, through community engagement programmes, enables young people to connect what they learn in the classroom to real-world situations. Often, these experiences push them out of their comfort zones to see the world in new ways. These experiences encourage young people how to think critically about the world around them and prepare them to confront moral dilemmas and reflect on their own values.

Our students are capable of understanding complex issues and exploring complicated problems. Community engagement experiences present Redhill students with opportunities to innovate by effecting change in their communities and beyond. At Redhill School, we encourage our students to investigate and explore solutions to national and international problems. We need them to question and respectfully debate how to improve the society in which they live. For this, we need an engaged citizenry, who care enough to change established systems that are inefficient or unjust.

The various Redhill community engagement programmes, under the guidance of our Director of Community Engagement, Siphiwe Vilakazi,  give our students the opportunity to engage with such issues, developing them into questioning, caring and innovative young people.