Redhill Pre-Preparatory School highlights the importance of childhood and the kaleidoscope of experiences that support early learning.

We are committed to enabling:

  • A sound sense of self
  • A joy and value of learning
  • An effective and creative imagination
  • An understanding and appropriate expression of emotions
  • An understanding and respect of other’s feelings
  • An ability to play and work both independently and collaboratively
  • Mutual respect and appreciation of other’s differences, cultures and religious beliefs
  • An awareness and appreciation of the environment.

Learning expectations are based on an Early Childhood Curriculum. The curriculum includes both developmental norms and educational standards appropriate for the different age groups. Learning is seen as progressing along a continuum; concepts and skill requirements as well as language, perceptual, physical, social and emotional development, increase exponentially as the child progresses through the pre-school years.

The rich learning environment provides opportunities for children to learn through play, both indoors and outdoors in the gardens.

The gardens invite children to extend their physical prowess and develop body confidence. They use a variety of age-appropriate climbing equipment, sensory provoking elements such as sand and water as well as the open spaces to support their physical development.

Fantasy and imaginative play is encouraged to build social and language skills and showcase a child’s rich imagination.

An ‘Investigative’ approach enables our children to express their thoughts and ideas on a particular topic; to build on what they know and what they want to find out. The children learn through discovery and creative problem solving. This approach lays the foundation for independent thinking and learning as they grown in maturity and confidence.

The school is structured into three grades with three classes per grade. The entry point is Kindergarten One; here the children are three turning four years of age.  Children four turning five are part of the Kindergarten Two cohort. Our Grade 0 (Reception year children are five truing six ,and will turn seven in their Grade 0 year at Redhill Junior Preparatory School.

The children are nurtured and cared for by a team of dedicated; loving teachers who recognise and build each child’s unique personality and learning potential.

Nothing compares with a visit. We offer a tour of the school every Tuesday morning starting at 8:30a.m.we would love to meet you!