High School

Redhill High School strives to provide excellent learning opportunities for all our students. Our aim is to guide, to foster, and to inspire the pursuit of knowledge and the development of skills, resulting in students who are confident, passionate and driven to succeed.

The highly qualified teaching staff possess exceptional subject knowledge and are passionate about their work, engaging students beyond the constraints of assessment objectives and specifications. We believe that education gives a framework for teachers to engage students in developing mastery of subjects, but also aims to cultivate reflective students who have developed the skills excel in all spheres, at school and beyond.

Learning at Redhill occurs not just in the classroom, but also through a variety of academic excursions and tours. We believe that informal learning has untapped potential to give meaning, relevance and context to the ideas that school and the curriculum offer.

Redhill School has a proven track record of academic success, but also seeks to promote the emotional development of our students. At all ages, our aim is to provide the necessary support for students to respond to challenges and exceed expectations.

Teaching staff are committed to improving their practice, whether through carefully selected courses, working towards new qualifications, or engaging with the wider educational community as examiners, moderators, sub-examiners and textbook authors. A number of our staff are members of the National Subject Forums. Whilst this aids the teaching and learning at Redhill School, it also plays a role in helping to develop local and international strategies to improve education. To this end, the School will hold its inaugural #Hack_Ed conference during 2017.

Our Grade 8 and 9 programme is largely skills-based, providing classroom environments where independence, thinking skills, collaboration and active learning are developed at the same time as knowledge. Grades 10, 11 and 12 focus on preparing students for the internationally recognised IEB (Independent Examination Board) National Senior Certification Examination which places emphasis on the application of skills rather than rote learning.

Thus, at Redhill School, we aim to prepare students for far more than academic success.  Although this is a given, we also focus our attention on developing life-long learners, who are curious and creative, collaborative and caring.  Citizens of tomorrow.