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Redhill School is one of the leading independent schools in South Africa, with its educational practice showing an impressive heritage and an interesting mix of the traditional and the modern world of education. We continue to look for new ways to make education relevant for the modern world. Redhill is committed to making the learning experience into an enjoyable one, where every subject and skill is learned through experience and problem-solving.Redhill’s shift in focus does not mean that the traditional methods of teaching and learning are thrown out or ignored, but rather that they are cleverly blended with new ideas and research to create a holistic educational solution. The basics and fundamentals remain just that, but children are also taught to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators.

Pre-Preparatory School

"We focus on developing confident and intellectually inquisitive children, who are eager to discover their world, overcome challenges and adapt to any changes in their environment." - Sue Pilkington-Williams

Preparatory School

"Our aim is to allow pupils the space to shape themselves as critical, creative and reflective thinkers, problem solvers, good communicators, risk-takers, be knowledgeable, principled, caring and open-minded about their world." - Ray van Gass

High School

"Redhill School has enjoyed tremendous success as a beacon of academic excellence. This success has not materialised by accident. It has been through hard work, dedication and the partnerships that have flourished among the staff, parents and the most important stakeholders in the equation - the students." - Dimitra Adramitoglou


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