Redhill School has an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) committee with the aim of promoting close co-operation between parents and teachers and to provide opportunities for discussion on school matters for the general welfare of the students at Redhill.

About the Committee

The PTA Committee is split into the Executive Committee and Committee Portfolio, which are made up of both parent volunteers and members of the teaching staff.

The PTA can be contacted on

Our current committee is


Chairperson - Mandi Olivier

Vice Chairperson - TBC (nominations still welcome)

Treasurer - Sarah Thomson

Secretary - Itumeleng Phalane

Portfolio Heads:

Sponsorship - Fiona Stewart

Communication -  Kerry Roodt

Events - Brett Armstrong & Tanya Collins

Passive Income (including My School) - Debbie Duncan

Nursery school parent co-ordinator -  Lourentia Chambers

Junior Prep (1-3) parent co-ordinator - Lana Jankelow

Senior prep (4-7) parent co-ordinator - Michelle Meyer

High school (8-12) grade parent co-ordinator - Jo Searle


PTA Income 

The PTA raises funds for the school in three major ways

  • Passive income
  • Fundraising events
  • Direct income

The money raised by the PTA is used towards enhancing the entire school for the benefit of the parents, pupils and staff.

PTA funds are always re-invested into the school. The PTA assists with value-adding projects, infrastructure and wish list items that are not budgeted for by the school. As a result, these projects vary from year to year.

Each year, funds also go towards assisting with sports tours and recognising the exceptional efforts of the Redhill teaching and administration staff.

Passive Income

Income raised passively contributes largely to the PTA's annual income. Several retail partners donate a percentage of the money spent in their stores and using linked cards back to the school.

All parents are encouraged to help raise extra funds for the school by participating in the passive income programme.

  1. Get a MySchool Card and Start Swiping

    Order a MySchool card online ( It's quick and easy! Remember, every swipe counts when you purchase from participating stores. Look up the partners, special discounts and promotions online.

  2. Link your Makro Card

    Redhill benefits each time you shop at Makro, Woodmead thanks to Makro's school rebate programme. Parents with Makro cards can link their cards in-store or online ( or by SMS'ing 'school' to 31144.

  3. Post Your Till Slip at Pick 'n Pay Morningside

    The Pick 'n Pay located at the Morningside Shopping Centre gives back a percentage of the profit from all purchases made by our parents, families and friends. After shopping, simply drop your till slips in the Redhill slot at the post boxes at the main entrance of the store.

    For any questions about passive income, contact the PTA Representative, Sarah Pretorius on

    Your support is always appreciated.

Fundraising Events

The PTA actively raises funds through several events which are held throughout the school year. These events help to create a community spirit within the Redhill School Community and are aimed at creating fun for parents and pupils alike in line with our ethos. We encourage the Redhill Family to attend our events and support the school.

Direct Income

A small portion of the PTA's income is also gathered from the school's second-hand shop, the Tuck Shop on the Outspan Sports Field and the Redhill Classifieds. These activities are provided by the PTA more as a service to our Redhill Community, and fortunately, in the process, generate a small amount of cash.

These initiatives are co-ordinated by dedicated volunteers from the parent body. Contributions and suggestions are welcome. Any queries regarding direct income can be directed to