For many years, Redhill School has been dedicated to empowering young South Africans, by offering them a unique education and the skills and values conducive to enlightened, successful futures as citizens of an expectant community. Against the backdrop of its momentous contribution, Redhill School is extremely proud to host its 110th Anniversary Commemorative Gala Evening (Saturday, 14 October, at 18h:30, Linder Auditorium, Wits School of Education, Parktown), a celebration we hope to share with all those who have walked alongside us on our illustrious journey. This auspicious evening, which will see students of all ages presenting an eclectic programme of musical entertainment, is sure to be a memorable occasion.

In homage to the vision and devotion of those responsible for our success, we take this special time to introduce to our community the RedPath Museum, an exciting initiative that will set out to document the School’s history. Proceeds from the sale of tickets to the 110th Anniversary Commemorative Gala Evening are earmarked for this initiative, due to commence in 2018. However, should you be unable to attend the Commemorative Gala Evening, we invite and would appreciate your symbolic donations towards the establishment of the RedPath Museum. More details in this regard are available from our Marketing Department.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 110th Anniversary Commemorative Gala Evening. Choirs, bands orchestras and musicians are poised in the wings, ready to enchant you with Redhill School’s very unique brand of talent and performance.

“Our hearts are red”, so let us come together to proclaim an affirming, joyous “Bravo! Happy 110th Birthday, Redhill School!” in unison.

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