Redhill Community

One often hears of the "Redhill Family". Besides underlining the constructive involvement of parents in the affairs of the school, this concept suggests that education, rather than being the monopoly of either the school or the home, is in reality the shared responsibility of these two influences. We enjoy the fact that our children and parents come from a wide range of cultures and nations. Each has much to offer. We aim to create a happy, caring school where we meet the diverse needs of all our children. We will not, therefore, accept any form of racial or religious prejudice. As far as possible, all children and parents will be given the same consideration and respect, both socially and educationally.

Pre-Preparatory School

"We enable the children in our care to develop a sound sense of self, a sense of awe and wonder and a genuine curiosity about the world they live in. We are privileged to be shaping the future." - Gail Dymond

Preparatory School

"Our aim is to allow pupils the space to shape themselves as critical, creative and reflective thinkers, problem solvers, good communicators, risk-takers, be knowledgeable, principled, caring and open-minded about their world." - Ray van Gass

High School

"At Redhill School, our foremost priority is to educate tomorrow’s leaders, by infusing them with the life skills to master the challenges posed by an ever-changing world." - Joseph Gerrasi


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