At the tomorrow trust, a non-profit organization based in South Africa, we support orphaned and vulnerable children throughout their journey with holistic education - encompassing academics and life skills with self-development - thereby empowering them to reach their full potential as self-sustaining and proactive members of society. Read more

Countdown to the Redhill School SleepOut™

Our Beneficiary - Tomorrow Trust

We are collecting the following supplies for our beneficiary.

Tomorrow Trust has a total of 1200 beneficiaries.

Wish list:

  1. Care Package - toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, sanitary pads
  2. Stationery package - blue pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, highlighters, pencil crayons, rulers, exam pad
  3. Food package - spaghetti, tomato sauce, tinned tuna, tinned soup, beans, sugar, tea, milk, oats/mielie meal, squash/oros.
  4. Printing paper for the office

Purchase in Support of Tomorrow Trust - Freeing Freddie

In celebration of Tomorrow Trust’s 10th year, they have launched a book written by Brent Feinberg, that captivates audiences through a boy named Freddie and his magical story. Freddie who lives in a magical forest, becomes entangled in an old spiders web which is symbolic of his fears. The story then takes you on a journey as he meets a giant friendly spider – Mr Cotton. Mr Cotton teaches him to release his fear and weave a web of his dreams. 70% of all profits will go to educating orphan and/or vulnerable children/youth supported by Tomorrow Trust.

The cost of the books are as follows:

  • Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver: The Reader (Hardcover) is R 199
  • Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams - A Workbook (Paperback) is R 199
  • Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver: Ultimate Activity Book (Paperback) is R 220

A 30% discount for people that buy the whole set, all three.

Freeing Freddie - The Dream Weaver

Freeing Freddie- The Dream Weaver- A Guide to Realising your Dreams – A Workbook

Freeing Freddie - The Dream Weaver- Ultimate Activity Book

About The SleepOut™ Movement

The 2018 SleepOut Movement embodies two Special Chapters, The Nelson Mandela CEO SleepOut – Liliesleaf Edition and The Nelson Mandela Legacy SleepOut – Robben Island Edition; tributes to Madiba’s lasting legacy in his centennial year.

On Wednesday 11 July 2018, some  200 C-Suite Leaders as Company Hosts – each of whom may bring four Distinguished Guests from their company who have, in their view, contributed to making SA a better place and who embody Mandela’s inherent leadership qualities – to #RiseToTheChallenge and spend a winter’s night at the iconic Liliesleaf Farm and Museum in Rivonia, Johannesburg.

A week later on Madiba’s 100th birthday, on Wednesday 18 July 2018,  67 South African and International Influencers, Business Leaders and Celebrities will #RiseToTheChallenge and overnight on Cape Town’s Robben Island, Courtyard and small garden, which Mandela lovingly maintained during his 18-year prison sentence.

The Nelson Mandela South Africa SleepOut and The Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ Events (both empowered by Liliesleaf) also take place on Wednesday 18 July 2018 across the country.

This year The CEO SleepOut™ Trust’s Primary Beneficiaries Liliesleaf Farm and Museum and The Qunu Food Security Project were chosen for their commitment to Education, Community Upliftment and Nutrition; three of the five pillars that alleviate homelessness alongside Shelter and Healthcare.

#YesterdayTodayTomorrow talks both to Participants helping securing the future for all, and Mandela’s passion for gardening. The Brunfelsia, commonly known as the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant is symbolic of our Mission.

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Our School SleepOut™ Brand Ambassadors

Proudly Redhill Brand Ambassadors

Anna Wellman
Anna WellmanAge: 13
Why me? Anna Wellman. I am just a thirteen year old girl, attending Redhill School, who is passionate about caring for those who need it most. It seemed unreal on the day of the phone call, confirming my role as a 2018 Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ – Empowered by Liliesleaf : For The Tomorrow Trust Ambassador, and to this day, I have still not been able to process this incredible news. I am generally a happy person, but when I heard my mom on the phone with the people in charge of the SleepOut™, my happiness was converted to a different level: uncontrollable dancing and complete and utter shock. I love to travel and experience change, and I am ready for this change in my life. I have been told on several occasions, that being a School Ambassador is a life changing experience. That statement most certainly can’t be used lightly. I am ready for the responsibility, I am ready for the experiences I have never had, and I am ready to make a change in other people’s lives. I am ready to make The 2018 Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ – Empowered by Liliesleaf : For The Tomorrow Trust unforgettable.
Alyce Kapisa
Alyce KapisaAge: 16
I am Alyce Kapisa, a girl who makes up for what she lacks in size with the way in which I speak and the way I present myself. I am very vocal when it comes to the things I believe in and I love putting a smile on people’s faces therefore most of the time you see me, I’ll either be smiling or laughing. I’ll be smiling even more now after being given the role as one The 2018 Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ – Empowered by Liliesleaf : For The Tomorrow Trust Ambassadors because I’m very eager to be an ambassador for change! I cannot wait to carry out all the duties needed to help raise awareness for a huge percentage of our population as well as help people come out of their bubbles and make them see a world outside of their comfort zones. It is such a big honour to have and I cannot contain my excitement!

Responsible Teacher

For further information contact Siphiwe Vilakazi, 

Play Your Part

This initiative is designed to afford students an opportunity to learn and develop beyond the classroom; therefore, we consider this as an essential experience for each of our students. The Nelson Mandela School SleepOut™ is regarded as an integral part of the Grades 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 years. Attendance is, therefore, strongly recommended.

This acceptance form must be completed and submitted directly to Mr Vilakazi,, by no later than Friday, 8 June 2018.